Think About AfterThe holiday season is nearly upon us, and then the New Year’s resolution season, when people attempt to undo the things that they’ve done to their body over the preceding two months.

My approach to this time of year has two key components:

  1. Don’t wait for the New Year.
  2. Commit today, and focus on the caloric burn now, being sure to include some high-intensity interval cardio workouts in my routine, enhancing the body’s metabolic flame.

Many people make themselves a false promise, thinking that they’ll “get started soon” with their exercise program, but then never do.

I always think about “after”.

The hot bread arrives at the table, and everyone else is diving in, dipping it in olive oil, and it looks and smells delicious.

That’s when I think about “after”.

When I get up and leave the restaurant, do I want to feel full and refreshed, having eaten a healthy meal with reasonable portions?

Or do I want to feel heavy, sluggish, and riddled with guilt and self-loathing at having binged, just for a brief moment of pleasure on my palette?

By thinking about “after”, and remembering my long-term goals, I’m able to practice self-discipline. I might not bother tasting any of it, or perhaps I’ll have one spoonful of a tasty appetizer or a delicious dessert.

I also find that it helps to have a pack of gum, so that after I’ve had a taste, I can chew a stick of gum to help fend off any more cravings.

Pre-plan as you prepare for a meal.

Don’t binge on everything, but save the extra calories for the things that you really love, and then taste those in moderation.

The holidays aren’t a good excuse for eating poorly and stopping your exercise routine, but they are a great reason to practice improvements in your self-discipline.

Choose wisely, and think about “after”.

Mad love,