Yes, you can!

Steve Uria Boxing - Switch Playground USA


Yes, you can.

Three simple words. So powerful, so meaningful and so true.

I live by this code. When doubt or fear tries to consume my thoughts those words remind me of my purpose, mission, and reason.

Hesitation in itself is not negative; it shows that you have respect for the challenge in front of you. But to push through, you need to first believe you can overcome it — this will be your greatest liberation from self-doubt. Set crystal clear intentions, believe you can get there, and be unwavering in your pursuit of them.

“Yes, you can” takes trust, belief, and the discipline to push past what you’re comfortable with. This is where you will find your ultimate victory. Positive vibrations and conquering your own limitations are direct results from believing these three words.

Set your goals this week, push yourself harder, and listen to that little voice in your head saying “Yes, you can!”

Mad love,