HAPPY WEDNESDAY!Switched-on-make-it-matter- Steve-uria-boxing

I’ve been saying some of the same mantras for years:  

“Every rep counts!”

“It’s your body, and you’ve got to live in it!”

I am constantly emphasizing the important role that you play in maximizing the value of each of your workouts:

“What is your intention?”

“How you will respond to adversity?”

“How hard can you push yourself?”

The difference is a choice. Each choice that you make along the way; before, during and after your workout is an opportunity to switch up the norm, pushing yourself to become more than before.

It can change your day. It can change your life. It can have a positive impact on those around you.

It can matter.

My entire life has been devoted to making it matter. Standing for change. Helping others. Providing support and perspective. Offering instruction and assistance. Reminding people that when you get to a cardio machine or arrive at an exercise station, it really is up to you.

At what speed will you go?  At what incline?  With how much resistance?  For how long?  How many reps?

With how much focus, determination and discipline? Are you willing to get outside of your comfort zone, where the magic really happens? Are you preparing for your day with intentions that are aligned with your goals? Are you pushing yourself to be better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today?

Recognize each choice when it arrives. And then make it matter.

Mad love,