Nina Saunders


“Just do what you love.”

Growing up, I’ve always been athletic. I played baseball, basketball and did karate as a kid. Shout out to my brother for letting me play football with him and his friends lol. I played. I knew that as an adult I either wanted to be a dancer or personal trainer. After years of working with an amazing company that shaped me into who I am now, I decided to leave that job and focus on personal training. From personal training, I became a kickboxing instructor. One day I ran into Zack Held who is a master instructor at Switch and I took his class for the first time and the rest is history. Never settle for what society thinks you should be doing and just do what you love. Don’t do it just for the money, that’s just a bonus. Do what you love as a service to helping others.

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Offer personal virtual training thru zoom or FaceTime, 1 on 1 or group.

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