Emma Konnick


“I will always be in your corner.”

My name is Emma Konnick and I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader on and off the playground. You may see me with a beaming smile 99% of the time and giggling at everyone’s jokes, but don’t be fooled. I will push you to your limits on the playground and hold you accountable throughout the entire hour-long class. Correct form and challenging people are also very important to me, so I will always make sure you’re having a safe workout and most importantly, learning how to perform moves properly. I practically live at Switch and love the product. You get a full-body workout, with a partner motivating you, and a whole room of people striving to be their best and there is nothing cooler than that. I take a class about 6 times a week so if you’re ever left without a partner, I’m here. I moved to the city to pursue my professional dance career but found a love for fitness along the way. I strive to empower people to feel comfortable in their own skin. I promise you will leave my class feeling like a total badass and I will always be in your corner.
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