DJ Kiki Darling

Switch DJ

“I got the beats you need to have an amped up workout.”

When it comes to music, let’s just say it’s my life!! I got my start DJaying in the New York City LGBTQ nightlife scene, first as a Drag Queen (hence the name KiKi…it just stuck) and then as the DJ, DJ KiKi Darling, where I’ve been turning up the scene with my beats for 7 years.
Making the transition to the fitness world was as easy as 3-2-1 SWITCH! Marrying my eclectic music styles, drawn from countless genres and my athletic background as a competitive cheerleader/power tumbler, track athlete, and dancer (yea I’m physical too LOL), I’ve got the beats you need to have an amped up workout to keep you going all the way through to your last station!

Other services I can offer:

I can create and send out playlists for workouts.

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