Today, I would like to discuss the ideology behind the Switch Playground Total Body Conditioning workout.

This concept developed over time, as result of clients asking me the same questions again and again:

  1. When should I do cardio?
  2. How many days each week should I train a specific body part?
  3. Should I do cardio before or after strength training?

Well, the truth is that everyone has different goals, body types and responses to exercise, but the Switch Playground workout is programmed to deliver a highly effective, results-oriented program that checks all the boxes for every participant.


Total Body Conditioning is a full-body workout that is designed to increase strength, mobility, stability, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and sporting performance.

It does all this by challenging your body with a potent combination of weight-based exercises, cardio routines and agility drills, which will:

  • Build muscle strength
  • Ramp up endurance levels
  • Inject you with loads of energy
  • (and) Zap away your stress!

Sounds good?  Yeah, we thought so too!

At Switch, we focus on providing great Total Body Conditioning workouts that rise to the next level by incorporating functional training exercises, allowing you to train and practice for real life scenarios.

This approach allows Switch to transcend from the playground into the every day lives of our players.

See you on the Playground!

Mad love