Some of the most common misconceptions regarding exercise are:

  1. Weight training will make women bigger, and
  2. Cardio will make men lose hard-earned muscle mass.

It is, however, your nutrition that determines muscle gain and muscle loss, more so than the type of exercise. I believe that a well-rounded workout is a blend of cardio, resistance, core and functional training. This is why I created the Switch Playground workout.

Resistance training essentially breaks down muscle fibres, which, with the correct amount of protein intake, the body then repairs, making those fibres stronger each time.

Cardio speeds up the metabolic flame to burn body fat, but more importantly, it also improves the body’s cardiovascular endurance and fitness.

Core exercises help our postural integrity, keeping us strong and upright.

• And finally, Functional Training mirrors actual movements that we repeat in everyday life, allowing us to always be the best version of ourselves, training you by utilising natural movement.

At Switch, your ‘game’ is life, and our goal is to make you the most efficient and effective player that you can be.

By changing programming every day, we challenge your body, we keep your muscles guessing, and we exclude stagnant and repetitive movements which can slow down progress.

It is up to you, once you are on those cardio stations, to challenge yourself, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and find your magic.

Mad love