Josh Castaneda


“Catch me in the Underground.”

Fitness is much more than a job to me. It’s my passion, my career and coaching others is what I’m best at. I was confident I could have a positive impact on other people’s lives by sharing my skill set with them. I decided there is no better place to work, then the worlds pinnacle of fitness, NYC! I got my start at Equinox, where I learned an immense amount under world class tier 4 coaches. After my time (2013-2016) at Equinox, Switch Playground came to Manhattan from South Africa. Enter group fitness!! I started as a founding trainer in classes and began teaching on the mic. From day 1, I’ve had huge faith in this brand and where it’s headed. Almost 3 years later, I’m still here (just underground) and wouldn’t have it any other way. Steve Uria is more than a boss and dear friend, he’s one of the best leaders out there. The future of Switch is brighter than the sun, happy to be a part of it. Catch me in the Underground.

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