A huge thanks to our Ambassadors for getting sweaty with us today! And an even greater thank you to SWITCH Playground NYC for hosting us today! If you didn’t make it out today, well

If you didn’t make it out today and haven’t check out one of their classes yet, then what are you waiting for?

Seriously, the philosophy behind SWITCH is just that. Every single time you walk through the doors the workout is different, it is always ‘SWITCH’ing.

“SWITCH is an experiential, total-body workout unlike anything else – rewritten and reproduced each and every day, ensuring you never repeat the same class twice.

Switch Playground NYC

What sets SWITCH apart is a philosophy that extends beyond simply challenging the body and living healthily; it is also designed to stimulate the mind and revive the soul. We call this the SWITCH Trifecta.

The SWITCH Playground NYC incorporates cutting-edge fitness technology with state-of-the-art facilities, lighting and sound for what is an industry first, group fitness environment,

An Instructor leads the class with a team of highly skilled Trainers through a labyrinth of Playground activities. A live DJ fuels the energy, coupled with lighting and special effects. This one-of-a-kind playing field is transformed into a theater of fitness and wellness.

By making the SWITCH, you immediately join a family with a main emphasis of making each and every class fun. That’s why, even if you come alone, we’ll find you a Playground Partner to take on the class together.

This is the only group training class of its kind, offering the vibe and motivation of group fitness, but with multiple trainers to provide personal attention.

This approach allows SWITCH to transcend from the Playground into the lives of our players. The SWITCH philosophy is not limited within the walls of the Playground.

It is just the catalyst, a beginning. Be UnStoppable. Come play.”

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