DJ Yeti Wyckoff

Switch DJ

“It all started when I bought 2 CDJ’s and
a mixer at age 13.”

My DJ career all began one summer when I was 13. I saved all my money from working on a ranch in Wyoming and bought 2 CDJ’s and a mixer from a guy named Joey at Guitar Center.
Being young, I quickly gave up and ignored them until I started taking DJ classes while studying Audio Engineering at college. After college I applied to work for the same Guitar Center where I bought my original equipment and got hired by Joey – the same man who sold me the equipment when I was 13! I spent a year learning all I could about DJaying and then built a recording studio.
Amazingly, one of my studio clients and friends was one of two DJ’s at Switch at the time. He told me Switch was looking for more, and that’s how I ended up here!

Other services I can offer:

Some additional services I can provide include: Djing, Studio recording, Mixing & Mastering, and Graphic Design.

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