Happy Wednesday, everyone!

In these times, when many people spend a large part of their day looking at computer screens, tablets and smart phones, good postural integrity is extremely important, and it starts with core strength and stability.

A popular misconception is that your “core” is just your stomach, but it is much more than that.

It includes everything that helps your body maintain proper posture:  The erector spinae, rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, intercostals, gluteus maximus, the quads and hamstrings, and many other supporting muscles, bones and connective tissue. All of these work together to keep your body upright and in proper alignment throughout the day.

My own postural practice starts first thing in the morning. I lie flat on my back on a firm surface, with my legs bent and my feet flat on the floor, then do 20 pelvic thrusts. Proper form is important, keeping the belly button pulled towards the spine throughout the motion, and squeezing the glutes with each thrust:  Remember – they are the strongest muscles in the body, the source of most of your speed and power. This also engages your abdominal muscles in a “negative” contraction as they lower your hips with each repetition.

Next, I’ll do ten yoga cat/cow postures, which continues to warm up the core and the lower back, preparing my lumbar region for the day ahead. I follow this with a good child’s pose, keeping my knees wide, toes touching and butt resting on the heels, while I walk the hands forward as far as I can, stretching the torso and entire body. While in this pose, I looking gently side to side, warming up the neck muscles.

Then, I’ll do ten slow body-weight squats, which continues to warm up the glutes, as well as the quads and the hamstrings. Next, I stand up straight, roll the shoulders back ten times, then forward ten times, warming up the delts and rhomboids, before settle into a good standing posture, with my shoulders down and slightly back, making sure not to pull them up towards the ears.

From start to finish, I maintain a good, steady breathing pattern, bringing each breath in through the nose and releasing it out through the mouth. And, throughout the day, I remain aware of this good posture, continually keeping my belly button pulled towards my spine, so that my core remains active and engaged at all times.

This simple and effective program will help put your entire body into alignment, ready for the day ahead.

Mad love,
Steve Uria - core, it's so much more