Switch - having fun and feeling great while working out on the playground

There is an old saying that goes:  “Don’t work out because you hate your body.  Work out because you love it.” I’ve found this to be one of the truest things about exercise:  It is an act of love.

I sometimes become concerned that people are working out for the wrong reasons and intentions. A lot of people work out because they want to look like the men and women that they see on television, in movies, in magazines and on billboards.

And yes — exercise can change one’s body, but more importantly, it can change one’s mind.

As you prepare for your workout today, rather than chasing a look, instead focus your energies on discovering a feeling. That amazing feeling that you experience when you finish a workout.

Successful.  Energized.  Appreciative.  Ready for life.  Self-confident.

A wholesome, healthy feeling, when you’re happy to be alive, and feeling better in your own skin that ever before.

Finding this feeling is a matter of focusing on your choices. What are your intentions?  What are you going to do?  What are you going to eat?  Who are you going to follow?  Who are you going to be?

Choose wisely, and make each choice matter.

Mad love,