“Life is short, eat dessert first!!”

Brian Millier - Instagram - Switch Playground New YorkMy name is Brian, I’m a trainer and instructor at switch, and I’m here to challenge your body, push your limits and achieve all of your fitness needs! Form, positive energy and motivation are always on my agenda. I’ve been here for a little over a few months now, but don’t let that fool you I have been personal training for about 8 years now and have been involved in sports ever since I could walk! I love to set new goals, consistently push my boundaries and switch does that with flying colors! Everyday the workout changes, so you won’t be bored, and the programming really allows for a full body workout experience. Athletics used to be my life, so the fact that it’s a team workout and you get a partner throughout the playground makes it that much better! Even though I can say fitness is life, a little secret about myself is that I can’t get enough of sweets!!!

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