SWITCH PLAYGROUND NEW YORK – brand new workout

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to The 31 Days of Fitness! Every January the editor of Style of Sport embarks on a crazy adventure, and does a different workout or takes a different fitness class everyday all month long. My objective? To show our readers how many different exercise options are out there and that there are no excuses not to get in shape this 2017! The holidays have been fun but it’s time to get our butts back in gear as this new year begins. There is a workout for everyone out there — running, spinning, boxing, rowing, Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), pole dancing, yoga, pilates, and more — and I’m going to sample them all this month! I’m determined to find the workout for you — not just one you’ll do, but one you will actually enjoy!

Switch Playground - Brand New Workout


January 10: SWITCH PLAYGROUND. Disco? Gym? Party? It’s all of the above on Day 10 at Switch Playground, a brand new workout on the NYC fitness scene. Imagine walking into a nightclub — music pumping, lights flashing, DJ spinning — but instead of dance floor there is a training floor with treadmills, kettlebells, plyo boxes, TRX, rowers, battle ropes, and lots more, set up in a circuit training workout. This is Switch Playground, a South Africa import that is completely different from anything else out there.

Enter the hazy blue lit studio and class starts with about 5 minutes of yoga, the perfect warmup for body and mind. There are 20 cardio and strength stations. 2 minutes are spent at each, divided into 30 second intervals of one or two exercises, with hunky trainers (known to get shirtless) to guide you through the moves. The class moves along like a speed train and you won’t know what hit you, but guaranteed you’ll be smiling! This is fitness as entertainment and it’s a blast, but don’t be deceived, you’re gonna get worked! www.switchplayground.com

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