Class Rates and Packages

Switch Playground Class Rates and Packages

Switch Playground Fitness Studio NYC

Introductory Offer

2 Classes for $35


1 hour class


5-Class Pack


10-Class Pack


20-Class Pack


Unlimited Class Pass(month-to-month)



Switch Playground - High Intensity Interval Training

SWITCH is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class – a precisely choreographed total body workout. Elements are drawn from every discipline of physical conditioning. Using a multifaceted approach, SWITCH combines carefully selected aspects of cardiovascular training, functional movement, strength & plyometric training, boxing, core stability power-flow yoga, and stretch – to condition the mind, body and soul.

Each session is uniquely designed, as SWITCH Players – training in pairs – switch between workout stations every 2 minutes. Engaging in this carefully designed circuit of training, no SWITCH player experiences the same class twice. It is because of this that SWITCH remains relevant, interesting and consistently challenging.

SWITCH is a one-hour journey, a break from your normal routine. It is an adventure o challenge and self-growth, unleashing your potential. It is also a party celebrating your own liberation… and realizing that you can!